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November 22, 2022

A Time for Gratitude.

The holidays are always a great time to reflect on what’s most important in life. Whether you're sharing it with family and friends or helping those less fortunate. It’s a time to show gratitude.

Here are some of our favorite ways to reflect and show how grateful we are.

Donate your time. This is a wonderful time of year to help others who are less fortunate. You can do that by donating food and toys, baking your favorite foods for your neighbors and friends, or volunteering to help serve others. Even spending time just listening to others will show your thoughtful intentions.

Write thank you notes. The act of saying thank you goes a long way. It helps remind others how much you care and are thankful for them and their impact on your life.

Spend time with loved ones. This time of year is a perfect time to embrace your relationships with your loved ones. To slow down and make new memories or start new traditions.

Make a list of things you have instead of things you want. Making a list of things you already have can help increase your gratitude, count those blessings and appreciate what you already have.

Take time for yourself. Your health is important. Get rest. Nourish your body and take time for yourself. Physically and mentally, this will help you stay on the right path and increase your gratitude.

Pay it forward. Random acts of kindness to strangers are a perfect way to show you care. Anything from buying somebody a coffee or helping with their groceries to their car. You can even pay somebody a compliment. Small acts of kindness make people feel seen and appreciated and more likely to pass it along to others on their own.

Focusing on what you are thankful for and how you can help others this season are just a few ways we can show those around you how much you care with Gratitude.