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June 30, 2022

Choosing Your Countertops

In your mind's eye, picture your dream kitchen. You can probably see the color of your cabinetry, the appliances and overall layout, like the size and placement of an island. But, look closely, what do your countertops look like? What are they made of?

At Capital Homes, we offer a range of standard and upgraded options to meet your specific style, preferences, and budget!

Granite countertops always come standard in any Capital Home, and we have an array of beautiful options to choose from for no additional charge.

But for someone looking for something a little more specific, we offer upgrades in granite, marble and quartz offerings.


Choosing Marble

Marble is a beautiful natural stone with its own unique look and feel. It naturally stays cool, which makes it popular for cooking and baking; however, marble is not totally heat resistant and can easily be damaged by hot pots and pans. Although it is very attractive, marble is also a porous stone, meaning it will absorb spills of coffee, wine, juice, etc. and be vulnerable to staining. Cleaning your marble countertops regularly with soap and water, using a trivet for hot pans, and getting your countertops sealed regularly will help keep your beautiful marble in great condition! Understand that imperfections will happen, though, on this high maintenance stone. If you are good with that, then you are ready to pick out your gorgeous marble countertops!


Choosing Quartz

Quartz is one of our most popular upgrades. A great addition to any kitchen, quartz countertops are smooth and modern looking in appearance, highly durable, scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant. Quartz is a nonporous stone, so stains cannot reach it, bacteria cannot hide in it, and it will be easy to clean. It can be damaged by extreme heat so we recommend placing trivets down before setting down hot pans and dishes.


Choosing Granite

Granite is our most popular countertop selection, and it comes standard in every Capital Home. Time-tested, granite is popular for many reasons. It's array of unique colors and patterns add interesting dimension to any kitchen, and no two slabs are exactly the same. It's resistant to bacteria and dirt, making it easy to keep clean. Sealing granite gives it extra protection, ensuring its nonporous structure keeps stains from soaking in. While granite is also heat resistant, it can be damaged by heat and we recommend using trivets under hot dishes. Lastly, in the event something does chip or damage your granite, it's pretty easy to repair. All these things make granite a widely popular option for kitchen counters.


What do your dream countertops look like? Let us help you make them a reality!