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Questions? Ask our team.

November 2, 2022

Get Inspired with Design!

There are so many fun things about buying or building a new home. We know it can be stressful but that’s why we’re here. To make it exciting and fun and to guide you through the process so you can get back to focusing on the exciting new things! Like moving in!

Our new Design Center is one of our favorite things! It’s stocked full of bright, beautiful new tiles, fresh new paint colors, beautiful wood accents and the newest light fixtures and simple final touches like handles and metal fixtures to really add that extra little something to your favorite spaces. It’s a place to get inspired and excited to make your home uniquely yours.

Not sure where to start? We have GREAT news! We happen to have experts on hand who are there to guide you along your journey. Whether it’s a rustic or more contemporary style, eclectic, or maybe you are ready to try something new and different… we have people there to help inspire your decisions!

Come visit our Design Center. We’ll help you create your look, find inspiration for your spaces and elevate your design so you can stop sweating the small stuff and get back to the basics!