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November 16, 2022

People First

Our philosophy is simple. People first. We believe in establishing relationships that last a long time. Business shouldn’t be about making a sale or making a profit. When you do it right, it’s about establishing long lasting relationships. Creating a bond. About the people themselves. That’s how we base everything we do here at Capital Homes.

To us, each person is unique. They have a story to tell, and we are honored to listen. We focus on the outcome, not the income. It’s part of our Capital Standards that each of our “customers” feel more like guests - that we hope later turn into family. We don't just say that... we act on that. 

We want to build that trust and a future with you and your loved ones. We never want to get too busy to understand our people, the things they enjoy, their activities, their favorite hangouts, and places to eat. That’s what life is about… living and sharing it with others. We like seeing the world through your eyes.

It's important to us to take the time, not rush the important things. We think that’s why generations of families have not only trusted us with one of their homes, but with multiple homes as they journey through life. And that is not only beautiful, but it is exactly why we are here. To help build the future for your families. That’s also why so many employees at Capital Homes trust us to build their very own homes. Now that’s saying something.

People first. Everything else just falls into place.