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Lock in Your Sale Price and Interest Rate

June 22, 2022

Lock in Your Sale Price and Interest Rate

Over the past few weeks, our team has seen a big shift in the market - with changing interest rates, home prices, and availability, it makes sense that lots of people are unsure if now is still a good time to buy a home. We've talked with homeowners, realtors, and prospective buyers to get to the bottom of their concerns. What we are hearing is that people are tired of bidding on house after house just to get outbid. We are also hearing a lot of concerns about interest rates going up, and prices going up on new construction homes after the contract has been signed due to rising cost of materials.

We hear you.

That's why we've come up with some helpful resources to help you understand who we are and how we can help you get into the home of your dreams - at a price you are comfortable with, and a process that makes you excited for your new home.  


What about rates?

We know, it's scary to think about rates going up while you're waiting on your new build! That's why we've partnered with a preferred lender to help coach our buyers on when it makes sense to lock in their rates. They have had success in locking in rates for people throughout the duration of the entire build, so their monthly payment they sign up for, is exactly what they see at the closing table. 

What about prices?

We have never changed the home price on someone after the contract is signed. We don't believe in doing business that way, and we believe that what we do starts with trust. We believe in providing all the information you'll need up front and being transparent about our pricing. No surprises - just great quality new construction homes.



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