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October 3, 2022

Come on now! Clean it up!

We know you’ve heard of “Spring Cleaning,” but have you ever heard of “Fall Clean Up?” Well, you have now! One of the many things we love about our homes are our windows. After all, … they are our bird’s eye view to everything happening around us.

For some, it’s one of the first things you do each day. Look out the window to determine the weather. Look to see if the trash crew has come, the morning walkers with their cute pets or the people outside checking their mail. Kiddos waiting patiently to jump on the bus. It’s how you start and end your day.

A lot of life happens through those windows. That’s why it’s important to us that we provide the right windows for our customers because we wouldn’t offer anything to you that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

That’s why single-hung windows are our favorites! They are easy to operate, cost and energy efficient, easy to install AND easy to clean! Each of these windows includes a lower and upper operable sash making it easy for the window to slide up and down while the top part remains stationary.

The single-hung window provides ventilation through the bottom sash and makes it easy to slide open for easy cleaning of both sides of the glass. You can literally do all the cleaning on your windows from the inside of your house and get both sides clean! Making that bird's eye view a whole lot clearer for the days to come.

So, if you ask us here at Capital Homes what’s getting cleaned up first this fall… we’ll easily say it… Windows! After all, it’s Fall now and we’re watching and excited for new things to come.