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Does the real estate market seem like a bit of a roller coaster?

April 26, 2022

Does the real estate market seem like a bit of a roller coaster?

If you have ever ridden a roller coaster the words, “stay seated and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle,” should be familiar to you. Right now, does the real estate market seem like a roller coaster and a haunted house had a baby? All the dips and screams have some saying, “no thanks, I’ll wait!” And we get it, a lot is going on right now and everyone’s anxious. Horror stories about bidding wars, and builders raising prices after contracts are signed. But if you are working with someone you trust, you don't have to be afraid and you can truly buckle in and enjoy the ride.

We have an internal mantra, here at Capital Homes. Homes built the way they should be. Might seem silly to most, but this is how we operate to the core. This applies all the way from the quality of our materials, through our pricing, down to every interaction we have with a homeowner. Because we're building more than your home. We're helping you build your future, and we must start with building trust.

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During the last few years, we’ve stayed “seated” and continued to build incredible homes for our customers, regardless of which turn we hit during the ride. Here are just a few ways we’ve been able to maintain trust during this time:

  1. We can proudly say (or scream) that we’ve NEVER changed the price on a homebuyer after they've signed a contract with us. Why? Because that's not how we do business. Telling a family that we can not fulfill a contract or honor a price should not be a business practice, it’s a last resort and we’ve never done it.
  1. We have transparent pricing. Buying a home is a big investment and you deserve to know where every dollar is going. And we'll tell you. Every time.
  2. No bidding wars. Once you've signed your contract, your home is yours and is built how you want it.
  3. We still build for you, the way YOU want. You don’t have to pick a home already built; you get to customize your own.

But what about the volatile prices? Is it wise to buy with all the price fluctuations?

Property is one of the absolute best things you can invest in for your long-term financial well-being. If you have the means to invest in real estate, in most cases, we believe you should. Generally speaking, when you build a home in this area, not only are you building equity you’re building your future. So even though prices have gone up, a few key facts remain true:

  1. Property in Oklahoma is still very reasonably priced in comparison with other regions. If you want to buy a house, this is a great place to do it. Not to mention that it's a great place to live, work, and raise a family.
  2. Prices, and rates, are likely lower now than they will be in the future. If it’s within your means to do so, we believe it is a wise investment that will ultimately lead to a more financially stable future for you and your family.

Of course, you’re the only one who knows whether building a new home is right for you. We’re here for you - whether you buy from us, build with us, or not - and we hope you let us help you as you navigate the possibilities. We’re driven by helping you reach your financial goals through homeownership - if that’s right for you.

"I love the fact that what we do has such a profound impact on peoples' lives. It affects the quality of a person’s life and the future of their children such as where your kids go to school, what friends a person makes, and on and on in immeasurable ways. It's truly multigenerational. And that’s just so impactful, it’s neat to get to be a part of that for so many families.” said Michael Sorrell, VP of Sales.

Reach out to us today to learn if our building process could be the homeownership solution you've been looking for. No pressure to buy. No waiting lists. Just a friendly conversation with people who care. Call or text 918-205-9196. We can't wait to hear from you!