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Three Questions to Ask when Buying (or Building) a House

April 1, 2022

Three Questions to Ask when Buying (or Building) a House

Finding or building a new home that is "the one" can be incredibly overwhelming. In today’s market, with rising home prices and the competitive real estate market, many prospective home buyers are keeping their options open by considering “fixer-upper” homes, or building new. In particular, building with a production semi-custom builder can make the building process simple and enjoyable. 


How much are the renovations going to cost, or, what is the warranty like?  

For existing homes, one of the first questions you should always ask for details about is the property's condition. You will want to learn about any past records of remodeling, renovations, or repairs they might have already done. Additionally, you should also find out the expiry dates for warranties of pre-existing appliances, fixtures, and utility systems that you will eventually need to switch out or change. The condition of the facilities reported in the listing description may not always match up with the actual situation. Therefore, it is always important to ask these questions to understand the seller's asking price better. 

With new construction homes, renovations won’t usually be needed, and most homes will come with a warranty to address any issues that come up in the first year. The price is set and the home is appraised by a third party, so you know you’re getting a fair deal. 


What is Included in the price? 

Whether you are buying an existing home or building new, it’s important to understand what features are included in the price of the home. Before purchasing a property, you are likely to have read the listing description, which includes all the facilities, equipment, furniture, and fixtures that will be sold with the home. This is important as, in some cases, the seller may not necessarily always be honest and may not always include them. Therefore, make it a point to ask the seller whether those items listed in the description will come with the sale. 

In new construction homes, it’s important to ask about which details are or are not included with the home. Some builders do not include simple yet necessary things such as coach lights, garage door openers, window sills, ceiling fans, and more, so be sure to request a list of things that are included - and get clear answers on what is not - and how much it’s going to cost you to add them.


What are the local area amenities such as school system, retail and restaurants?

Having a better understanding of your local area is critical to helping you decide whether the current listed price is worth it for you, and importantly, can help you predict if the property value will continue to rise. Homes in areas with highly rated school systems, access to highways, and near to plenty of retail and restaurants, tend to rise in value over time. 

In new construction communities, there is a set range of home prices in the community, and they are generally built in areas that will ensure an increase in value over time. 

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