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5 Tips to Decorate a Book Case like an Interior Designer

February 19, 2022

5 Tips to Decorate a Book Case like an Interior Designer

Looking to create a Pinterest-worthy book case, but not sure where to start? Creating an elegant, sophisticated shelving display that looks high-end is easy to do!

Using a few guidelines, you can easily put together a display that will have your guests thinking you’ve hired a pro.

Follow these five simple guidelines, and you can’t go wrong:

  1. Start with a clean shelf. If you currently have items on your shelves already, go ahead and remove them, so they don’t bias your design. Dust or polish the shelves to get them looking their best. You need to visualize what you want to create – that’s hard to do when there are distractions like dust and existing materials.
  2. Remember – less is more! You only want to fill about a third of the shelf, to leave space for the eye to rest. (Bonus – your home will feel bigger when there is some space on the shelves, subconsciously giving the impression that the home has more than enough room for all your things!)
  3. Display your items in a Z pattern to help carry the eye from one end to the other and back. This creates visual interest and helps allow for leaving your intentional space.
  4. Change it up! Adding larger, standalone items, such as vases, will take your shelves from good to great! Depending on your book case, you may even be able to remove shelves or change shelf height to make room for taller objects.
  5. Create an interesting backdrop. Fun wallpaper or some paint behind your shelves is a simple way to make your display pop.

Have fun curating your book case and glowing up your space! Got more tips? Share with us what you think makes the perfect book case display! 


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