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Built to a Higher Standard: HardiePlank Siding

February 11, 2022

Built to a Higher Standard: HardiePlank Siding

At Capital Homes, we are particular about the materials we use to build our homes. We're committed to using quality products that we would  (and do) use on our own families' homes. That's part of the "Capital Standard." Hardie Plank siding (also called Hardie Board) by James Hardie is a product we stand by - it is the only product, aside from brick, that we use for our exteriors.  Craig Martin with James Hardie Building Products spoke with our team to help us explain just what's so special about Hardie Board. 

He explains that while masonry such as brick and stone is very durable and attractive, it can drive up home cost simply with how expensive it is. Wood siding is also a good-looking option, but can be challenging to maintain. Vinyl siding is very affordable, but not as handsome as other materials.

That's where Hardie Board comes in. Hardie Board is comprised of a fiber cement blend that is built for longevity and performance. HardiePlank siding is easy to maintain, and resistant to weather, termites, rot, and fire. All these benefits would be great on their own, but HardiePlank siding is also very attractive, combining an appearance of real wood with the durability of brick or stone.

"The exterior siding looks like wood, with benefits of masonry product," explains Martin. "Your benefits to the homeowner are going to be the low maintenance, the safety, and the savings." 
1. Low Maintenance
Hardie Board siding lasts longer than other materials - it is truly designed to "hang it and forget it." And it holds its color longer, resulting in a 2-3 times longer paint cycle.
2. Safety 
Homeowners can rest easy knowing that Hardie Board is rot resistant, burn resistant, water and weather resistant. It's working to protect your home, even when you don't know it. 
3. Homeowner Savings
In Oklahoma, Hardie Board insures like a masonry product such as brick. This results in homeowner savings of up to 20%. 
How can you tell if a home is being built with Hardie Board? It's signature yellow look what created to help distinguish Hardie from the rest. Before painting, Hardie Board will be yellow in color. Martin says, "Look for the Hardie Gold!"