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August 1, 2018

Back to School



After having almost three full months off, it can be hard to get the kids (or, let's be honest, ourselves) ready to go back to school. We've put together a list of tips to help your family ease back into school mode and be ready to take on the upcoming school year: 

Get Back Into A Routine 

The earlier you start getting their sleep schedule back on track, the better. If your child waits until the night before school starts to going to bed early, chances are it will be harder for them to fall asleep, leaving them grumpy and groggy the next morning. Start getting them to bed earlier at least two weeks before school starts, and wake them up at the normal school time so their internal clock can get back into gear. 

School Supply Excitement 

Nothing gets kids more in the mood for school than school supply shopping! You may be tempted to buy the pre-ordered school supplies that are delivered right to your child's school, but kids get way more excited about buying school supplies in person. A list of your child's school supplies can usually be found on the school website and/or most Target and Wal-Marts keep a list of local schools supplies in their area. 

Don't forget that on August 5-7th is Oklahoma's Tax Free School Supply Weekend! This also includes school uniforms and kids clothes for back to school. 

Create a Homework Station in Your Home 

Homework can be difficult sometimes, so it helps to make sure the kids have a comfortable working space that allows them to concentrate easily and work efficiently. Having a new, designated space to work on homework will help your kids motivated for getting their homework done each day. 

Attend Orientation or Meet the Teacher Days 

Whether your child's school calls it "orientation" or "meet the teacher" plan on attending this day with your child. Meeting teachers and letting your kids see exactly where they will put their things, where they will sit, and which room they're in will help make your kids feel less anxious about the unknowns on the first day of school. Sometimes kids find out they have friends in their class or even make class friends at orientation. Either way this is a great way to put away any nerves your child might have about going back. 

The team at Capital Homes wishes all of the children and teachers an awesome first day back and a great school year!