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Meet Our Home Delivery Specialist

January 14, 2022

Meet Our Home Delivery Specialist

Capital Homes welcomes our new Home Delivery Specialist, Kyne Gulley.

At Capital Homes, we're always trying to find ways to better serve our homeowners. Recently, we added Kyne Gulley to our team as our Home Delivery Specialist. You might be asking yourself, what is a Home Delivery Specialist? What do they really do? That's a great question! A Home Delivery Specialist is your advocate and guide, communicating with the construction team and the homeowner to ensure that each home is completed with excellence.

It's all in the details - not only the details in your new home but in your experience building with us. Kyne gives each home a thorough inspection, coordinating with the builders for necessary fixes, and then provides a detailed home orientation and walkthrough for each homeowner. His goal, and our goal, is to ensure that every homeowner absolutely loves their home from Day 1. 

With an extensive background in home inspections, Kyne knows exactly what to look for in a new home. He also provides a Homeowner Orientation, getting the homeowner familiar with their home, and going over functions and maintenance so that they are prepared for life in their new home! We want everyone to feel confident as soon as we hand them the keys, that they know how this home works and what to do to keep it in great condition!

Our homeowners love getting to see their home all finished and learning about how to care for it. This is the most exciting part for Kyne - seeing the homeowners' excitement to start their new chapter in the completed home they've been dreaming about! 

Originally from Texas, Kyne and his family have been Tulsans for 3 years and are loving it! Kyne is a UT-Austin graduate with a degree in Architecture, and is a Texas Longhorn and Dallas Cowboy fan. His OU and OSU fan coworkers are dealing with it better than expected, because he's just so darn likable. We think you'll like him, too!